Sports Nutrition

November 01, 2013

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Who exercises a lot , got to watch a special diet. Healthy natural diet makes the body regenerate enough . Simple biological quality nutrients are unfortunately in short supply at the supermarket. Sugars and fats in industry food products have diseases such as diabetes , obesity, hypertension, and cancer as a consequence . Joints also suffer from the effects of acidification of the body as well as the nature of our dealings with you .


Nutritional products such as energy drinks , vitamin – and mineral pills or muscle building products are often nonsensical and harmful . Only the knowledge of preparing seasonal foods at the right timing for sports stress and rest phases creates a healthy and balanced regenerative structure of the body. Particularly in high stress situations such as extreme sports (eg triathlon, marathon , road cycling or ballet ) certain dietary supplements may be useful .


Intolerance (allergy) to natural foods are rare – but common in industrial produced products of the food industry . The development of the traditional diet in different countries must be considered ( eg Northern Europe – Southern Europe – Asia – Africa ) . Therefore, people tolerate quite different foods and finishes. Cooking is the composition of this knowledge and adapt different evolutionary habitats.


Good nutrition is a fundamental building block for performance, health and joint function.