Sports Medicine

August 27, 2013

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Sports enthusiasts and athletes have an increased risk of hurting their joints, skeletal axes or the muscles and tendons. Sport is a way of life and helps with proper activity to feel more healthy , to reduce the effects of aging and powerful to experience their daily lifes . The main objective here is to find the right dosage of the training and the choice of sport to prevent injuries and overloading .


Too little exercise and too much movement of the body , metabolism particularly harms the joints and spine. Therefore, the awareness of this knowledge and training advice is an essential part of the consultation.


The prevention of permanent joint damage in Sports injuries is in the foreground. We use the training control and the possibilities of osteopathy and physiotherapy – but in some cases it is necessary to repair structures in the joints. These are usually arthroscopic surgical techniques . Particularly in the cartilage and meniscus replacement therapy, there is a huge progress .




• Sport as a setting to understand movement and physical challenges


• improve performance and life at every stage of life