Shoulder and Neck Pain

June 12, 2013

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Shoulder – and neck pain is very common. Especially when hours of work on the computer and especially in sports involving overhead burden such as windsurfing, sport climbers and swimming occur.

The shoulder girdle is a very complex system of shoulder joint, spine and chest. The focus is on the restoration of the functional coordination of the interaction of the individual structures and tissues.


• specific manual and osteopathic techniques (myofascial techniques) by JP Barral and M. César


• Nervenmobilsationstechniken after J.P. Barral


• stabilizing techniques (Spiral Dynamics, Red Corduroy Flex Bar Training and Training, Power Plate training, etc.)


• Climbing therapy and slackline training


Injection techniques


• painful trigger points and tender points respond well to injections but also shock wave therapy