Cruciate Ligament Injury

June 12, 2013

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Especially with „Go- Stop“ sports such as e.g. Football, alpine skiing and dancing, often the tearing of the cruciate ligament occur. This leads to instability and endangers other joint structures ( meniscus and cartilage) . Therefore, it is important to establish a stabilization of the knee joint in these sports. What technique is to be used , can be decided individually .


Surgical techniques


The classic procedure is the implant -free (so no screw or other fixation aids) Patellasehnenplastik (BTB = press- fit bone – tendon – bone press-fit ) – here are the best long-term results: for now over 30 years . The technology is mature and offers a high degree of safe healing. This technique is particularly well suited for physically active patients or athletes .


Optionally, the arthroscopic cruciate ligament technique with semitendinosus (ST) and small titanium screw ( www.tls – ) is an alternative. A disadvantage is the reduced Sprint ST , as with all techniques – and bounce. An innovative technique ( ) receives the body’s cruciate ligament in freshly injured cruciate ligament tears, using suture of the ligament stumps and a dynamic stabilization.