Knee Injury & Overload

June 12, 2013

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Overloading of the Kneejoints are common.

Especially in outdoor sports or playing football different joint structures are overloaded.

You need sophisticated treatment methods to restore the function of the joint structures .


• meniscus damage ( wear, tear , loss of meniscus after previous surgery )


• Cartilage Damage


• Cruciate Ligament Rupture


• Page ligament injury


• kneecap discomfort / – luxation (dislocation ) or dysfunction ( Patello – femoral Pain Syndrome )




The knee must be kept stable. Therefore, meniscal suture techniques were developrd- and for cruciate ligament replacement surgery and plastic procedures for cruciate ligament loss or unstable sidebands.

Physiotherapy is necessary in the treatment of operations.

But it is not done by only preventing chronic knee instabilities in the early joint degeneration . MOTION therefore focuses on the preservation of joint structures and not the prosthetics.