Investigations & Sonography

October 16, 2013

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By clinical examination and tests of the modern dynamic sonography can immediately make meaningful diagnoses. Sophisticated and expensive tests such as eg MRI examinations can be reduced. However, the radiological examination is of high value in the assessment of biomechanics and the screening of other systemic diseases , especially in orthopedics and sports injuries . During the initial consultation, the effective treatment route should be established. This avoids misdiagnosis and incorrect decisions on the wayof therapy .


• clinical trials in the joint – and spine examination


• osteopathic examination in addition to the entire body function


• sonographic examination for soft tissue – and joint imaging as an immediate investigation


• X-rays to show the bone , joint structures and structural


• MRI ( magnetic resonance Imma Ching ) also called for MRI imaging of soft tissue injuries (eg meniscus , cruciate ligament and labrum ) , cartilage damage , inflammation and metabolic processes in the tissues


• Laboratory tests for inflammation and rheumatic diseases